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Share Your Work With The Stitch Palettes Community & Win

Send me photos of your finished embroidery hoops inspired by my Palettes, and get your work in front of thousands of people each month. I have seen enough of your mind-blowing, stitch-palettes inspired creations to know they deserve a dedicated page on this website. This is why I decided to launch a new section on […]

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The Thread Palette Generator

Welcome to the internet’s first and only thread color scheme generator. Are you unsure how to select thread colors that go together nicely? Or want to find a different shade of a specific color? Then this is the tool to help you out.

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The Best Modern Hand Embroidery Kits, A Growing List

In the last few years the popularity of modern embroidery kits has soared. For people new to hand embroidery it’s a fail-safe way to start a new hobby, and create something amazing right off the bat, even with no prior experience in stitching. The simplicity and convenience of getting a pre-packaged bundle with all the […]

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Best Places To Find Hand Dyed Embroidery Threads

Unlike factory-dyed floss, artisan embroidery threads present a wonderful variation of color tones on every single thread, adding depth and a sort of controlled unpredictability to your project. If you’ve ever entertained the thought of trying out hand-dyed cotton or silk, here are a few places you can check out to look at some amazing […]

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