The Best Modern Embroidery Blogs, Channels and Resources In 2020

The Best Modern Embroidery Blogs & Channels

The Best Modern Embroidery Blogs & Channels

If you’re constantly on the lookout for new needlework inspiration, you’re not the only one. I have have taken every opportunity in the past couple of years to save and sort my ideas and quirky finds into an exciting and colorful list of stitchy goodness.

During this time I came across countless profiles of insanely talented people, with embroidery skills that are beyond anything I previously imagined possible with thread. This list is a roundup of the websites, social media accounts and YouTube Channels of these brilliant and accomplished needlework artists.

Quick disclosure: this post contains affiliate links which means I get a tiny commission if you purchase after clicking. This comes at no extra cost to you and helps me keep this site running by creating new posts & palettes regularly. Thank you for your support.

Embroidery Blogs

Needle N' Thread by Mary Corbet

The goal of Needle 'n Thread is to help keep the art of hand embroidery alive, by making hand embroidery accessible to beginners and providing detailed instructions, tutorials, tips, and resources for beginner embroiderers and beyond.

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Pumora by Anne Mende

Embroidery is no rocket science but during those times when you can’t wrap your head around a difficult stitch it absolutely feels like it was. There are always times when something doesn’t click right away. That is why Anne is eager to make each article and tutorial on her website as clear and simple as possible.

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Wild Olive by Mollie Johanson

Mollie is a 30-something crafter and illustrator of cute things. A lot of what she makes involves embroidery, hand sewing, and bringing ideas to life. Her blog, Wild Olive, focuses on crafting and cuteness, with patterns, projects and printables posted 5-6 days a week. Often this kind of making takes time, and while she does try to keep a certain pace to get things done, she enjoys being able to savor the process.

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Peacock & Fig by Dana Batho

Peacock & Fig is more than just a stitching site -- it’s a place to learn to slow down, to connect with traditional handcrafts, and to have a lot of fun while doing it. With modern life becoming faster-paced and more tech driven, the need to step back and take the time to create something with your own hands becomes more pressing.

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Shiny Happy World by Wendi Gratz

Wendi spent over twenty years working in the children’s book industry and the experience has left its mark on her – all her favorite artists are children’s book illustrators. Now she lives in the mountains of North Carolina where she spends her time designing sewing, quilting and embroidery patterns especially for beginners. She's on a mission to teach people that anyone can sew! Or quilt! Or embroider!

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Sublime Stitching by Jenny Hart

Jenny Hart is an artist best known for her work in embroidery, and is the founder of Sublime Stitching, a pioneering design company of the DIY movement. At the Sublime Stitching blog you can learn about items and sales in their shop, special events, as well as new tips and tutorials.

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Lolli and Grace by Anne

I have been doing something creative or crafty all of my life. Whether it is drawing, painting, needlework, jewelry-making, knitting, sewing or dollmaking, the act of MAKING something excites me!

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Red-Handled Scissors by Haley Pierson-Cox

Haley is a knitter, sewer, cross-stitcher, maker of things, lover of cats, and general purveyor of quirk. She spends her days making stuff, writing about making stuff, and getting hired by other people to write about making stuff. Which is great, because making stuff is pretty much all she wants to do. Every once in a while, she also ventures out of her craft studio to teach other people how to make stuff in classes, workshops, and demos at craft-industry trade shows and events.

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Feeling Stitchy by Floresita

As of Dec. 2019, Feeling Stitchy is no longer publishing new posts, but their vast array of helpful articles and craft tutorials are still accessible on their website. Feeling Stitchy was edited by Floresita and written by a diverse group of volunteer craft bloggers who contributed weekly, monthly, or from time to time.

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Cutesy Crafts by Jessica Anderson

Jessica is a stay-at-home mom to four cute kids and she loves all things crafty. Her blog is filled with lots of different kinds of crafts, and has a dedicated section with embroidery projects and easy to follow tutorials.

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Stitch Floral by Amina

Stitch Floral is a blog dedicated to hand embroidery where you can find tips, tutorials, "how-to” revelations and follow Amina in her stitching adventures. The lack of experience may intimidate beginning stitchers, that's why Amina made it her goal to share all the tips and tricks she knows that can make it easier for you to fall into the stitching groove, and also provide enough tutorials with step by step pictures so that you have enough visual support for your learning.

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Thread Artists

Stitching Sabbatical by Michelle Staub

Stitching Sabbatical has always been about celebrating those around us, especially pets! Michelle creates personalized pieces of artworks to commemorate pets, and she never settled for stitching just stitch ‘a dog’ or ‘a cat’. Through her wonderful work, the personality of each furry friend shines through in each piece.

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Florals And Floss by Alexandra Stratkotter

Alexandra loves to garden, bake, feed birds, and she often embroiders while watching the evening news or power and politics. She designs embroidery patterns featuring stunning folk inspired florals and leaves which are suitable for all levels.

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Gulush Threads by Kristen Gula

Kristen is a self-taught fiber artist from St. Louis, MO who took her love for hand embroidery to the next level by founding Gulush Threads in 2013. Botanicals, mostly florals, are the main focus in her work as she takes a modern twist to the age-old medium. She lives by the motto of ‘creating more with less’ by painting with thread instead of using an encyclopedia of stitches. Although she is mostly known for her hand embroidery floral work, she has been known to dabble in needle felting and punch needle (and loves incorporating all of them together)!

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Hand Embroidery by Emillie by Emillie Ferris

Emillie is a self-taught artist who uses traditional embroidery methods to create contemporary embroidery patterns, hoop art and custom pet portraits. She took up embroidery in 2013 and fell in love instantly. After a few years of embroidering for her own enjoyment and posting pictures of her pieces on Instagram, she started to receive custom pet portrait requests and this enabled her to start making a gradual transition into embroidering full time.

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Embroidery Designs By Georgie by Georgie K. Emery

Georgie is a UK based embroidery and surface pattern freelance designer, witha twin sister, and a BA Hons Degree in Printed Textiles from Loughborough University. She has a very colorful portfolio of pretty butterflies and delicate flowers in her shop, and, quite clearly, an amazing talent in what she does

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Online Tools & Calculators

Snap & Stitch by DMC

This new tool from DMC allows you to turn your photos into cross-stitch charts. Simply upload your photo to test a combination of sizes and colours. This tool is not free, but you can buy your chart or receive it for free when you buy all required thread.

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Cross Stitch Calculator by Yarn Tree

This handy little tool is essential when you're not quite sure how much fabric you will need for your cross stitch project. Just enter the details of your pattern or sampler and click 'Calculate Size' to instantly find out the fabric size you should prepare for your needlework.

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Flosstubers & Other YouTube Channels

Namaste Embroidery by Jessica Long

Learn to stitch with Jessica! Stitchers of all levels are welcome on her channel where she shares numerous beginner tutorials, as well as demonstrations on how to finish her own patterns, which are truly beautiful.

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Sarah Homfray Embroidery by Sarah Homfray

This embroidery channel is a home for beginners and experts alike! Here you can see many high quality video tutorials showing hand embroidery stitches, designs and techniques including goldwork embroidery, crewelwork, blackwork and more. You can also join Sarah on her various creative journeys as a professional embroiderer in her VLOG series

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The Twisted Stitcher by Vonna Pfeiffer

She's known in the cross stitch world as The Twisted Stitcher, but her real name is Vonna. On her little slice of YouTube, she shares her love of cross stitching (31 years counting) and her love of finishing cross stitched projects by sharing some finishing tutorials.

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Hands On Design by Cathy Habermann

Cathy is a cross stitch pattern designer who knows that the thought & inspiration can come from almost anywhere. Sometimes it’s a combination of colors, many times its the words, and more than likely, it’s the finishing that drives the design process. She likes to collaborate with other women in this industry and learn from them in the process. There is always a story behind what she designs, which are truly an extension of who she is and how she lives her life.

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Tata Sol by Noa Aga

Noa runs the YouTube channel behind Tata Sol studio. where she happily shares all kinds of DIY and craft projects. Her channel is all about handmade projects, running an etsy shop, embroidery tutorials, DIY and crafts.

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Diy Stitching

DIY Stitching is a YouTube Channel providing trendy DIY home decor sewing ideas. we believe anyone can try their own DIY home decor sewing ideas . DIY Stitching offers embroidery, hand embroidery, stitching tutorials and smocking tutorials for beginners, with simple and clear instructions.

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Hand Embroidery & Crafts

A YouTube channel started in January, 2017 and features videos demostrating several types of stitches used in floral embroidery and beadwork.

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Stitch and Flower

A youtube channel with more than 425k subscribers, Stitch and Flower promises to teach embroidery even if it seems painstaking, time-consuming and intimidating.

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Fiber Talk by Gary L. Parr

Fiber Talk is a podcast for hobbyists who play in the fiber-arts world. Host Gary L. Parr interviews a wide range of leading personalities in the needle arts world, while talking about the latest trends in fibers, designs, and techniques.

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Stitchery Stories by Susan Weeks

Stitchery Stories is a textile art podcast set up by Susan Weeks, a textile art & embroidery enthusiast from the UK. Join Susan in her friendly weekly chats with other talented UK textile artists.

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Craft Sanity by Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood

This podcast was conceived in late 2005 and since then it grew to be a place to escape the daily grind and renew your creative spirit through interviews with creative people.

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The Cross Stitch Podcast by Hannah Braniff

This show aims to build a cross stitch community and help teach you the lovely art of cross stitch. In the show you will find some tutorials and hints and tips around cross stitch and Hannah will be chatting about the benefits of cross stitch, any Stitch Along's (SALs) she is running and sharing her favourite cross stitch pattern or kit of the week.

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Who Else Should I Mention?

Do you have a favorite embroidery resource (blogger, artist, channel, tool) that you think would be a great addition to this article? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll be sure to add them to this list.

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17 Replies to “The Best Modern Embroidery Blogs & Channels”

  1. Judith says:

    Jenny of Elefantz, I have loved her website and designs for the last several years. She loves and encourages homemaking and all things family.

  2. Mari McFadden says:

    I want to embroider a top or 2 while in exile. Does anyone know where I can find nice woven ones?

  3. janet perry says:

    I’d love you to add a link to my blog, Nuts about Needlepoint It’s the leading needlepoint blog by almost a factor of ten. I’ve been writing daily post for over 13 years and have close to 3500 posts covering all aspects of needlepoint. I am also a leading provider of online email classes in needlepoint and have written 13 printed books on needlepoint, with more in process. One of my specialties is creating created tartans & personalized plaids for needlepoint, cross stitch, or other charted crafts.

    I’m very excited by what you do and would love to work together.

    Keep stitching,

    1. krisztina says:

      That’s wonderful Janet, I’d love to add your site. I’ll get in touch with you for a little bit of extra info, thanks for reaching out!

  4. Possibly consider Blackwork Journey

  5. Joanna Darby says:

    Do you know about Stitch Palettes? Mary Corbet wrote about the site a little while ago. It matches DMC thread with your image, how cool is that!

    1. krisztina says:

      I certainly do Joanna! (wink wink)

  6. Cohe Bond says:

    I too feel grateful to Mary Corbett for mentioning your website! It’s just wonderful and I can’t wait to explore all the resources you have listed! I’m a newbie to embroidery but I love it! My mother taught me how to cross stitch. If she were still with us she would love that I’ve gotten back into needlework! Thank you for providing such a valuable asset to any stitchers toolbox! Thank you!!

    Thank you!

    1. krisztina says:

      I am so happy you are here, there’s lots to explore!

  7. Sharon St Pierre says:

    The stitch floral website is one of my favorite embroidery sites. The author and embroiderer, Amina, has beautiful original designs. I love browsing through her posts.

    1. krisztina says:

      Yes her needlework is truly exceptional, and I love her choice of colors. She is very skilled, that is obvious!

  8. Barbara H. says:

    Hello! I’m another dedicated follower of Mary Corbett’s website and came here after reading about your site. What a treasure trove of color palettes. Having the DMC numbers makes them a truly valuable resource. I also appreciate your listing of other embroidery blogs as I’m always on the lookout for a new blog to follow.

    I have a suggestion for another blog which might be of interest to your readers: Amina typically posts on a pretty regular basis at Stitch Floral:
    Thanks again for your wonderful site, which I’m sure I’ll be visiting often!

    1. krisztina says:

      Thank you Barbara, I’m so glad to have you here! It seems strange, but I have not come across Amina’s work so far, I’m happy you pointed it out to me. I have now added her to my list.

  9. Lucy Burton says:

    God bless Mary Corbett for her blog about Stitch Palettes! I love the concept and plan on ordering all the Palettes when my printer is working again. Just a marvelous idea! When I looked at your Embroidery Library, I felt like I had hit the jackpot… So many new resources for me to explore. Thank you so much for all the work you put in to create this site!

    1. krisztina says:

      Thank you so much Lucy! That’s exactly why I put this page together, I am so amazed by the works and stories of all these lovely people, I just needed to share! I’m happy you find this website useful and glad to have you on board!

  10. Marci Glenn says:

    Good morning! I was reading the latest newsletter from Mary Corbett at Needle N Thread about your new site. I love the idea of picking a palette and then stitching the design.
    I would like to add an Etsy shop to your list of other blogs/channel. Her name is Tory McNidder of The Barmy Fox. She offers embroidery kits and patterns that are for beginners as well as advanced stitchers. The pattern directions are written well and and easy to follow. I have created many of her designs and enjoy her patterns and especially her stitch-alongs where she shows how a particular stitch is done.
    Her Etsy shop is:

    I hope you will add her to your list.

    Thank you.

    1. krisztina says:

      Hi Marci! Of course, I also love and follow Tory’s work, her patterns and kits are gorgeous! She’s not on this list because I was mostly focusing on artists who also blog regularly, so anyone who visits this page can learn embroidery from zero. But your idea is great, I’ll also write another article soon featuring Etsy shops that I follow and buy from, there are some truly outstanding ones on my list! Thank you for writing ♡