Share Your Work With The Stitch Palettes Community

Share Your Work With The Stitch Palettes Community & Win

Share your work with the community

Send me photos of your finished embroidery hoops inspired by my Palettes, and get your work in front of thousands of people each month.

I have seen enough of your mind-blowing, stitch-palettes inspired creations to know they deserve a dedicated page on this website. This is why I decided to launch a new section on this website, called #MadeWithStitchPalettes, where I’ll be posting some fantastic works from the community.

This website is visited by thousands of stitchers each month, so if you’re proud of what you’ve created and would like to get some visibility, just show me your work! I’ll evaluate the photo to see if it meets the minimum quality requirements. If all is well, I’ll post it on this website and associated social media accounts – giving you full credit for the work.

If you have a blog or Etsy shop, or run an embroidery course perhaps, this is a great opportunity for you to reach more people.

If you’re just stitching for fun and love to take photos of your work, your place is right here, and you’ll make me proud!

Read the rules and apply to be one of the first people who get to be in Stitch Palettes’ hall of fame. Complete the form below to submit an entry.


Get Your Work Featured

Who You Are

Your First name, Last name initial and Country will be displayed under your work (i.e. Sarah M., Australia). Your Email Address is needed so I can contact you when your entry gets published.

Your Public Works

I will use these social media profiles to credit you for your work. If you have an online shop please be sure to mention it here so people who like your work can go and check out your products.

Introduce Yourself

Please tell me a little bit about yourself and the work you do. Just a few lines will do.

Upload Your Image

You may submit as many entries as you wish, but only one image per entry. This helps me track how many entries a person has, and reward them accordingly.

Please be sure to read the Submission Guidelines below this form before submitting your Entry. Images that do not meet the minimum quality requirements will not be accepted.

In the below textarea please describe which Stitch Palette you used as a reference, what was the occasion this piece was made for (was it a commission for a customer or a birthday present for a friend, etc.), how long it took to get it finished, or anything else you think is relevant to the project.

Further Communications and legal disclosure

Submission Guidelines

You can submit any type of craft project (not just hoop art) using threads inspired by a Stitch Palette. Friendship bracelets, earrings, thread wrapped accessories, upcycled clothing etc., are great ideas and welcome in the program.


Your work must be inspired by one of my Stitch Palettes and it must use at least 4 of the suggested threads on that palette. You can use additional threads in your project, but those should not be overwhelmingly represented. By looking at your work the palette colors should be immediately recognizable.


Photos taken with smartphones are accepted, but please make them as high quality as possible, preferably images that are 5 megapixels or larger. For a standard landscape orientation photo, 5 megapixels is at least 2500 by 2000 pixels in size. Most smartphones are more than capable of this nowadays.

Unclear photos, photos containing excess noise, over-exposed or under-lit photos are not accepted.


The main focus of the image should be the work itself, where your finished embroidery/craft project takes up at least 50% of the image. You can have other objects or pets on the image, but make sure that your embroidery/craft project is the prominent component.

Please ensure that your photo is a good representation of your work.


Please ensure that photos do not have borders, graphics, text or watermarks overlaid on them. I will credit you for your photo in a way that is consistent across the website and its associated social media platforms.

Rights & Usage

You must be the original photographer of and own the rights to any photo you share on Stitch Palettes. Please read the rules before submitting to understand how your photo will be used.

We respect your rights and will not claim copyright for photographs or text submitted to us. You will retain full copyright in each entry, and will be credited for your work as per your specifications.

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