Happy Visitors - Stitch Palettes

Thank You!

I’m pretty darn grateful that so many of you have reached out to me either via email or social media to simply thank me for the work I do. Your words are truly appreciated, and I wanted to use this page to display some of the wonderful messages I was fortunate to receive.

Thanks to each and every one of you for your support & appreciation and for following along!

I just saw your information on your palette generator in the Guild Gleanings for CEGG (Guelph Emb Guild). How fabulous is that! Wow! I will definitely bookmark your page and be back to it often I’m sure. I’m going to have a look around now to see what you have. Thank you sew much!

Mary-Anne G.

I want to thank you for your very thorough and helpful Stitch Palettes and associated photos. I design embroidery and am often asked to work with colours outside my comfort zone. Your work makes my life a lot easier. Thank you for all your hard work.

Elizabeth A.

OMG -- I am going to tell every quilter friend I have about this website. There are so many quilters who have a really hard time picking fabrics that will work together. I can see this being very beneficial for folks that struggle with this issue.

Lani S.

Thank you for this great site. I am fascinated with colour and how it changes in different lights. I love analysing nature ,photos, pictures etc as to what colours are used. I cannot embroider fast enough to put my ideas into designs. Thank you again as the way you have worked is inspirational.

Heather L.

I don't know how you do what you do, but PLEASE don't stop. I am so worried that some day I will wake up and the palettes are gone. Just know that I enjoy them tremendously. Thank you for this amazing gift you offer (free for all!!).

I personally appreciate each and every one.

Denise ., United States

Such a good idea! Pleasing color combinations make my mouth water before I even have time for my brain to register the fact. Your posts have that effect on me. I won't even go into how hungry a good quilt show makes me. Not good since I am a celiac SSI most fast food is off limits.

Cathy L.

Seriously, you’re doing an awesome and super helpful thing, I so appreciate it!

Sometimes for me picking out a color palette can get almost overwhelming when there are so many colors to choose from, but you’ve made such an incredible resource here. The colors are so satisfying and pretty and extremely useful!

You’ve already inspired me try out some colors I didn’t consider combining before, and I really appreciate it. 💖

Momo .

I have found some cross stitch patterns that I like but I wasn't so crazy about the colors used. I am not good at knowing what colors work together, especially when looking at a pattern!

This page is a great resource for finding color combinations that work together and the added benefit of having the DMC floss #' s provided is so helpful too, I just write down the ones I want so I can order them!

This has helped me so much! Also some of the photos are just beautiful!

Kim B.

I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU for your website and for all the information you share. You are incredibly talented and your sense of color is phenomenal. I have shared your site with all of my friends and stitching groups. I wish you every success and am thrilled to use your color schemes.

Pat C.

First, I'd like to say thank you for the unbelievable site you have, and all the wealth of information on it. I stumbled upon it and immediately knew it was the "answer" to my color problems. I have purchased all four of your catalogs and will make immediate use of them. I can always envision the colors I want to combine, but never had a way to figure out what threads make those color combinations. Thank you for your site and your products.

Tamara B.

It’s such a brilliant idea! I often visit just for fun, to browse through the palettes.

For a newbie it’s also a lovely way to discover new colours and combos.Thank you for all of this!

@sweetsisterstitch .

This is the best idea I have seen. I love to stitch but I cannot combine colors well. Thank you so much. Also the photographs are beautiful.

Ann A.

Sometimes when we are being creative, we have those blank moments and this is a great help to coordinate colors!

Jennifer M.

One just as beautiful as the next! I'll definitely be using them this coming year for my cross stitch designs!

LaDonna G.

I’m loving your page. I always struggle putting colours together and finding inspiration - this is perfect 😍

Debbie l.

Such a fantastic idea and so very inspirational. Thank you for your hard work.

Megan M.

Great inspirational combinations for your needlework projects.

Bernadette A.

I really love how useful these are when choosing colors for samplers!

Judy W.

Color combinations are exquisite! And with the DMC number identified makes it so convenient!

Rinda M.

Finding your palettes has been one of the best things for my products!!

Allison R.

Thank you for doing these. You seem to always hit those missing colors my brain can’t seem to see!!

Kathie G.

A great resource for color choices!

Marianne M.

Color combos are amazing!

Beth R.

Some palettes of beautiful colors. I like them all. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Mària F.