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A Pink Floral Wreath

made by: Arielle

Arielle is an embroidery artist from Canada. Her finished hoop is based on an original design by @cupofneedles, which uses a monochrome scheme of teal blues. This finished piece replaces the cold tones of the original design with vibrant shades of pink and a delicate tone of pale lavender, inspired by the PINK PETALS Stitch Palette.

Natalie Dupuis - Girl with A Pearl Earring
Exploring the palettes of master painters

made by: Natalie Dupuis

This piece is an abstraction of the colour palette that Dutch painter Vermeer used for his painting Girl with A Pearl Earring. I have used metal threads to reflect the colours he used and give it some further illumination which is in line with my interest in metal thread embroidery. The colours are spaced from dark to light in the approximate proportion that I see in the painting. The round shape helps the eye to travel around the colours with no one defined start or end point. Stitch Palettes helped me to identify the matching DMC threads to 18 of the colours used here, branching off of the primaries of blue, red, yellow with a nearly black background. After about 30 hours I am nearly finished, and will use this as part 1 of a 4 part series exploring the palettes of master painters. I will then turn this into an online goldwork and colour theory course sometime in 2021.

Beetle on a bed of multicolored petals

made by: Jodi Bager

This original design is a beetle on a bed of multicoloured petals. All, or a slice of it, will be used to create a piece for the SILK/SOIE Spring 2021 Collection. Jodi used (exclusively) two gorgeous palettes for this design: DELICATE ROSE and PINK BLOSSOM. This unique and intricate piece took her approximately 10 hours to complete.