Winter Wonders - 36 Matching Thread Palettes For Beautiful Embroidery

The Winter Wonders Palette Booklet


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Boost your winter embroidery & craft projects with this handy Booklet of 36 ready-to-use thread color palettes. Just open it up, select your palette and start stitching in no time!


This Booklet was designed for you if you need a bit of guidance with your thread color matching. Blue, purple and grey are perfect floss colors to use in your Winter embroidery, and this Booklet will give you ideas what other colors to pair them with.

Inside this selection you will find 36 delicate and harmonious Winter themed Stitch Palettes, organized in four different color categories for easy reference.

Who Is This Booklet For?

For beginner & seasoned stitchers alike

Have you purchased a beautiful embroidery pattern but are not too crazy about the colors used by the designer? Or are you just looking for a little bit of inspiration for your Winter embroidery? This Booklet is a very useful guide in case you find it difficult/tedious to come up with thread color combinations that blend together well.

For pattern designers

These palettes can help you create beautiful and harmonious embroidery designs for the festive season. Just create your beautiful linework, and try out different color combinations from this selection to see which works best with your design. Or even better, sell multiple versions of a single pattern design, with different color palettes chosen from this Booklet.

For Winter crafters & DIYers

Each palette page lists both HEX and RGB codes for each of the six colors used, making it easy for you to use them in various craft or design projects. If you own a digital coloring book, this Booklet will give you exactly 36 different variations on coloring each of those pages.

What You Will Find Inside

Each palette consists of six assorted colors that either complement or contrast each other. A palette page is divided into two sections: A Color Code Reference (1) and a Thread Code Reference (2).

The Color Code Reference section gives you the HEX and RGB codes of each individual color, so you can apply these during your digital coloring adventures and other Summer craft projects.

The Thread Code Reference provides you with three key pieces of information:

  • The DMC six strand embroidery thread shade code (art.117) and image
  • The Anchor Stranded cotton thread shade code (art.4635000) and image
  • The DMC tapestry wool code (art.486) and image – for more bulky, Bargello type embroidery

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Use a beautiful harmony of cool shades in your Winter embroidery with the help of this colorful booklet of 36 pure and rich embroidery color palettes!

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Customer Review By Peggy H.

As with all the other booklets from this shop, this collection is stunning! I love to draw inspiration from the combinations shown in the books and find this book a great addition to my collection. Thank you so much again.

Peggy H., Netherlands

Customer Review By Beverly H.

I became familiar with your Stitch Palettes through one of my FB embroidery groups and have been getting your regular emails. Today I decided to 'dive-in' and purchase a number of the seasonal palettes so I'd have them handy. The Winter Palette Booklet, which you just made available, is wonderful. I give it 5 stars!! I know that I will enjoy using these booklets, not only for embroidery work, but as I now have more time for quilting, I believe I will find the palettes helpful when choosing fabric colors and devising my own quilt designs. Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do.

Beverly H., United States

Customer Review By Millie L.

The Winter Stitch Palette booklet has gorgeous color combinations. This is my 6th booklet and you can’t go wrong with any of them. It makes it easier for me to choose great color combinations and even combine palettes together for bigger projects. Thank you for making my color selection easier!

Millie L., United States

Customer Review By Wendy W.

Another beautiful and helpful booklet of palettes! The Northern Lights palette in particular caught my eye and I will have to find a project for it - it's absolutely stunning. Thank you so much for all of the palettes, they really help me pick colours for so many projects.

Wendy W., Canada

Customer Review By Hazel T.

I’m so happy with my purchase of your Winter Palette booklet - it’s beautiful. I’m hoping this will make me brave enough to start some different (for me) projects in the New Year. I’ve always found it difficult to put colours together so this will be a pleasure to refer back to again and again. I especially love the Northern Light palette. Now to have a look at the other Palettes you offer. Thanks for all your hard work. It really is appreciated.

Hazel T., Scotland

Customer Review By Mary R.

Awesome booklet! It is so easy to now match complementary colors between DMC and Anchor embroidery thread and Tapestry wool. Thank you so much!

Mary R., United States

Customer Review By Brenda R.

I love the palettes you have compiled. I am a cross stitcher and quilter and these booklets help so much in color selection especially for scrap quilts. Thank you so much.

Brenda R.

Customer Review By Aubrey H.

I'm so happy I made this purchase. The color combos are AMAZINGLY beautiful and I no longer have to second guess myself on whether or not a color combination goes together. Thank you, Stitch Palettes for all the time I know I'm going to save in the future!

Aubrey H., United States

Customer Review By Heloisa E. B.

Fantastic! This booklet is amazing, I am very happy. The palettes are simply wonderful!

Heloisa E. B., Brazil

Customer Review By Pat J.

Stitch Palettes is a wonderful resource. I use them for everything from room decor to clothing selections to, of course, needlework. And now with the palette generator, the sky is the limit. Thank you for such a versatile product. I love it!

Pat J., United States