36 Winter Embroidery Color Palettes, Printed Booklet

36 Winter Embroidery Color Palettes, Printed Booklet

The Winter Palette Booklet Vol. 2 (Printed)


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Having a hard time selecting the perfect color palette for your winter embroidery? Not sure what thread colors to choose to give your new project that chilly, frosty vibe that Winter brings with it every year? This printed pocket booklet will instantly help you with that!

The second volume of my highly popular Winter palette booklet is now available as a professionally printed, pocket size handbook. If you’re tired of looking at digital screens and would prefer a handheld reference book for your favorite Winter palettes, this is the product for you!

This A6 size handbook brings you 36 crisp and cool ready-made color palettes. This booklet makes it incredibly easy to select the perfect color combination for your embroidery, allowing to jump straight to the most enjoyable part: the stitching!

This is the printed version of the booklet, which will be shipped to you by post after your payment is processed and confirmed. If you’d rather have the digital booklet, available to you instantly as a PDF download, check out the digital version.

How to use this Booklet?

The color palettes included reflect a variety of moods: you can choose to go with colors that are lively and lush or tone down your shades for a softer, more delicate look.

Imagine the feeling you want to convey with your work, then choose your palette from the relevant section.


Who Is This Booklet For?

For beginner & seasoned stitchers alike

Have you purchased a beautiful embroidery pattern but are not too crazy about the colors used by the designer? Or are you just looking for a little bit of inspiration for your Winter embroidery? This Booklet is a very useful guide for everyone who finds it difficult/tedious to come up with thread color combinations that blend together well.

For pattern designers

These palettes can help you create harmonious and cohesive embroidery designs. Just create your beautiful linework, and try out different color combinations from this selection to see which works best with your design. Or even better, sell multiple versions of a single pattern design, with different color palettes chosen from this Booklet.

For crafters & DIYers

Each palette page lists both HEX and RGB codes for each of the six colors used, making it easy for you to use them in various craft or design projects. If you own a digital coloring book, this Booklet will give you exactly 36 different variations on coloring each of those pages.

What You Will Find Inside

Each palette consists of six assorted colors that either complement or contrast each other. A palette page is divided into two sections: A Color Code Reference (1) and a Thread Code Reference (2).

The Color Code Reference section gives you the HEX and RGB codes of each individual color, so you can apply these during your digital coloring adventures and other Winter craft projects.

The Thread Code Reference provides you with three key pieces of information:

  • The DMC six strand embroidery thread shade code (art.117) and image
  • The Anchor Stranded cotton thread shade code (art.4635000) and image
  • The DMC tapestry wool code (art.486) and image – for more bulky, Bargello type embroidery

What You Will Receive

This is a professionally printed, wire-bound handbook that will be shipped to you after you complete your purchase. Please make sure that the shipping address you provide is accurate.

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It should take no more than 10 minutes for this confirmation email to arrive.

Purchase Terms

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  • Cannot be sublicensed, resold, shared, transferred, or otherwise redistributed on its own

Harmonize your Winter embroidery designs with this colorful booklet of 36 snow-kissed embroidery color palettes!

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