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Are you sitting on a huge pile of embroidery floss like a mighty dragon on her treasure stash, without having a clue about what you actually have? Well then, it’s time to get organized.

When you have dozens of skeins of embroidery floss lying around in your craft room, having a thread color chart is a life-saver. It is an essential tool that will help you quickly find out which shades make up your arsenal, saving you tons of time wasted on scouring through a pile of thread.

What’s Inside

This handy chart provides you with a color and number reference for the most popular DMC embroidery thread families, a whopping number of 615 colors in total:

  • Six-strand floss (482 colors including the newest 35)
  • Variegated (also called mixed) Cotton (18 colors)
  • Light Effects (36 colors)
  • Color Variations (36 colors)
  • Coloris (24 colors)
  • Mouliné Étoile (35 colors)
  • Diamant (14 colors)
  • Diamant Grandé (6 colors)

Each table in this chart is broken down into five sections: a color swatch column, floss code and floss name columns, an empty column for storing reference thread and finally the quantity tracker column which you’ll update once you add or use up a skein.

Colors are organized by families, in the exact same order DMC lists them on their shade cards. I like this way of organizing because:

  • it allows you to identify all shades of a specific color
  • if you run out of a shade or it’s not available in your area, it allows you to instantly find alternatives
  • the flow of colors from one page to the other will give you a hint of what colors work well together

However there are situations when you need to quickly pull up a color and update the quantity. For this purpose I also included a table of reference at the end of this downloadable PDF, where you’ll find all threads in numerical order with their corresponding page number.

Why should you buy this chart?

For easy color reference

The charts provide you with a color swatch for all currently produced DMC thread colors. If you’re a pattern designer or a frequent stitcher who often puts her own colors together, you will find this booklet to be the first thing you reach for when starting a new project.

To keep on top of the inventory game

Keep this catalog updated and take it with you on your next trip to the craft store, or have it in front of you when ordering online. It will help you avoid buying duplicates of a certain shade while forgetting to get the ones you have zero pieces of.

To easily identify spare thread numbers

After you’ve placed some reference threads in the Thread column of your charts, you’ll find it a breeze to identify that pesky skein that lost it’s label, or those two strands of delft blue floss casually wound on an annoyingly uninformative bobbin.

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Customer Review By Lisa H.

This is just the tool I needed. I've been trying to figure out how to keep track of my embroidery flosses. Recently, I stopped by Hobby Lobby to purchase more floss to add to my inventory and I just randomly selected colors. When I got home I realized that I purchased duplicates of what I already had. This tool is very helpful in allowing me to stay organized. Thank you. Lisa

Lisa H., United States

Customer Review By Dee M.

I am looking forward to organizing my floss thanks to this inventory chart. I have skeins here and there all over in my craft room. I am looking forward to when I know my inventory so I can start all of those "to-do" projects in the drawer!

Dee M., Canada

Customer Review By Gail L.

This booklet is brilliant, I have been doing embroidery for many years now and many of the patterns I have just state the names of the colours. The greens are particularly confusing; being so many, this chart is the answer to my dreams. I can now start doing some of the embroidery I've been putting off for years, knowing that I've got the colour right. Thank you

Gail L., United Kingdom

Customer Review By Julie L.

Wow ! C'est la première fois que je trouve un outil pour les fils DMC si intéressant et bien fait! Bravo! Je viens de trouver un petit trésor. J'adore déjà votre site. Merci! Julie

Julie L., Québec - Canada

Customer Review By Heather S.

Excellent resource, now to fill it in. I like the last two pages it will make the job a lot easier.

Heather S., Australia

Customer Review By Alfredo E.

I have lots of floss threads that needs to be sorted and this chart will help immensely. I love that it also includes the special and variegated flosses.

Alfredo E., United States

Customer Review By Julie J.

So helpful with organizing and identifying threads!

Julie J., United States

Customer Review By Leanna G.

I have been looking for a color chart for my embroidery floss for a long time! I am so happy to have found this !!!

Leanna G., United States
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