Vintage Wooden Embroidery Floss Bobbins - Stitch Palettes

Vintage Wooden Embroidery Floss Bobbins


Keep your threads, laces and ribbons stylishly organized with the help of these delicate yet sturdy wooden embroidery floss bobbins.


This set is made up of 12 wooden bobbins, typically used in hand embroidery. Engraved with an intricate floral pattern, each bobbin is different and distinguishable by a unique flower at the top.


The bobbins are precisely cut from plywood, and measure 1,6″ x 2,2″ (4cm x 5.5cm) width and height. They fit perfectly into DMCs plastic floss organizer boxes.


Each piece is stained and finished with a water-resistant solution to protect your bobbins from moisture and the occasional water spills.

Due to the fact that wood is a natural element that has a grain, texture and tint that can greatly vary, there will be slight variations in color and texture from bobbin to bobbin. This is normal and adds to the natural look & feel of this product.


The small hole at the top allows you to attach several bobbins together with thread or a thin wire loop.


The floral design element at the bottom has some empty space inside. You can stick a small sticker here with the thread number so you always know which color you’re reaching for.


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