Seasonal Booklet Bundle & Valentines Booklet

The Seasonal Booklet Bundle With Free Valentines Booklet

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Are you struggling with color matching for your embroidery? Do you want to take the guesswork out of choosing colors that compliment each other well? Than help is here.


This bundle is everything you need to find the perfect colors for your seasonal embroidery. There are 5 stand-alone Palette Booklets included in this bundle, each of them packed with 36 ready-made and carefully chosen thread palettes. That gives you a total of 180 color options to choose from for your next embroidery project.

Who Is This Booklet Bundle For?

For beginner & seasoned stitchers alike

Have you purchased a beautiful embroidery pattern but are not too crazy about the colors used by the designer? Or are you just looking for a little bit of inspiration for your embroidery? These Booklets are very useful when you’re stuck trying to find thread color combinations that blend together well.

For pattern designers

These palettes can help you create beautiful and harmonious embroidery designs for any season of the year. Just create your beautiful linework, and try out different color combinations from this selection to see which works best with your design. Or even better, sell multiple versions of a single pattern design, with different color palettes chosen from these Booklets.

For crafters & DIYers

Each palette page lists both HEX and RGB codes for each of the six colors used, making it easy for you to use them in various craft or design projects. If you own a digital coloring book, these Booklets will give you exactly 36 different variations each on coloring those pages.

Read more about what’s included:

1. The Winter Wonders Palette Booklet

Boost your winter embroidery & craft projects with this handy Booklet of 36 ready-to-use thread color palettes. Just open it up, select your palette and start stitching in no time!

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2. The Autumn Tones Palette Booklet

Fall is the season of warm shades, golden tones, glowing oranges and vibrant yellows. If you’re looking for perfectly balanced color palettes for your Autumn embroidery, this Booklet is just the right thing for you.

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3. The Summer Vibes Palette Booklet

Summer is in full swing, and sadly this year we are very limited in our ability to travel and see the beauty of it around the world. However that won’t stop nature from doing its thing, delivering countless vigorous color combinations.

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4. The Springtime Palette Booklet

As winter ends, do you find yourself mesmerized by the vibrant colors recklessly blooming all around you? Then this Spring Booklet is about to delight you with its colorful thread palettes inspired by this wonderful season.

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5. The Valentines Palette Booklet

If you’d like to represent life, love and passion through your romantic embroidery or cross stitch projects, this Valentine’s Palette Booklet is what you need!

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What customers think

First, I’d like to say thank you for the unbelievable site you have, and all the wealth of information on it. I stumbled upon it and immediately knew it was the “answer” to my color problems. I have purchased all four of your catalogs and will make immediate use of them. I can always envision the colors I want to combine, but never had a way to figure out what threads make those color combinations. Thank you for your site and your products.

Tamara B.

Why Now?

When purchased separately, the total value of the five Booklets is $33.95, but now  you can grab this bundle for only $21.73. That means you save 20% on four Booklets PLUS you get the fifth one for FREE!

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Customer Review By Sarah M.

What a find! I love the color palettes and the fact that the colors are identified with color numbers for 3 thread types. Picking colors just got easier for me whether I am stitching or quilting.

Sarah M., United States

Customer Review By Gail L.

I have always struggled with the colours , I think I have it right but when my piece is finished it never looks as if I got it right. This will help tremendously, hopefully now my work will brilliant - but that will now depend on my stitching. Thank you Stitch Palettes.

Gail L., United Kingdom

Customer Review By Bobbie O.

I am so glad that I found this site and these color palettes! I love designing my own cross stitch patterns, but when it comes to picking the colors to use - well, that does not go so well. So often just a shade off or have one color I want to use, but cannot find anything else that goes with it! This takes all of the guess work out of it now. Love the way the colors are shown - couldn't ask for anything better - THANK YOU!

Bobbie O., United States

Customer Review By Michelle O.

Where was this tool several projects ago?!?! I'm so excited to finally have a guide to help me with color selection and palettes for those projects I frequently choose to convert. This will save me tons of time!!! Thank you!!!!

Michelle O., United States

Customer Review By Susan H.

This is great! The color pallets are beautiful and having the thread numbers and colors is so helpful.

Susan H., United States

Customer Review By Amanda I.

Wow, this is an incredible value. I struggle with curating color palettes and I am so grateful for this resource. Thank you!!

Amanda I., United States