Finished Winter Wreath Embroidery With Frame

Finished Winter Wreath Embroidery With Frame

Finished 9″ Floral Embroidery Hoop With Frame And Stand


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This statement piece of floral embroidery celebrates the cool and calming colors of winter. Embroidered on a light gray cotton fabric, the soothing shades of brown, green and red bring the snow kissed tones of winter into your home.


A fully stitched version of a widely popular pattern by embroidery designer & artist Diana Vingert, this 9″ hoop in a 11.8″ frame (22.5cm hoop in a 30cm frame) is a unique piece of handmade art. It uses 7 colors of high quality embroidery thread in assorted shades to bring an eternal glistening aura in your living space.

To display this delicate piece, this hoop also comes with a double-sided, wooden frame that encloses the artwork perfectly. Swap the two sides easily to match your mood or your room’s decor!

The frame is stained and finished with a waterproof, environmentally-friendly solution that has a low sheen and protects the wood from moisture in the air. The stain offers medium coverage, while also retaining the visual interest of the wood’s texture.

How to display this hoop

This one of a kind item is ready to be displayed in multiple ways.

Method #1: Hang it on your wall

The back of this hoop is finished with a thick, felt material to protect the back of the handiwork and keep your walls stain-free. A small handle made of yarn is attached to the backing material which makes it easy to hang the entire hoop and frame onto your wall. Once the hoop is in place, the frame will cover the handle.

Method #2: Place it on any flat surface

The package also includes a wooden stand for the hoop, stained and finished to match the vibe of the artwork it will hold. Simply place this stand on any flat surface: a shelf, a table or a mantelpiece, and place your hoop onto the stand, making sure that they are both stable.


How to care for your hoop

To preserve the vibrant colors of the threads and the shade of the fabric, DO NOT place the hoop in direct sunlight. Strong light is very damaging to fabrics and the fibers found in the embroidery floss, and it will cause the artwork to fade and change color. Display your hoop on a wall which does not get strong, midday light.

Also avoid placing it in areas with high humidity such as bathrooms or basements. To preserve its beauty for longer, mount your hoop indoors, in a dry area of your house which is not exposed to extreme temperature changes.

To remove dust, gently brush it off with a very soft, large brush while holding the stitches in place with your fingers. DO NOT use a lint roller, vacuum cleaner or damp cloth. Do not wash, bleach or iron.

What You Will Receive

Your package will contain the following:

  • a 9″ hoop in a 11.8″ wooden frame (22.5cm hoop in a 30cm frame)
  • a wooden stand
  • instructions on how to handle and  care for your hoop


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