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The Autumn Tones Palette Booklet


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Fall is the season of warm shades, golden tones, glowing oranges and vibrant yellows. If you’re looking for perfectly balanced color palettes for your Autumn embroidery, this Booklet is just the right thing for you.

This Booklet contains carefully selected thread palettes, to give you a good variety of color options for your Autumn embroidery projects. Inside this selection you will find 36 gorgeous and invigorating Autumn & Halloween themed Stitch Palettes, organized in four different color categories for easy reference.

Who Is This Booklet For?

For beginner & seasoned stitchers alike

Have you purchased a beautiful embroidery pattern but are not too crazy about the colors used by the designer? Or are you just looking for a little bit of inspiration for your Autumn embroidery? This Booklet is a very useful guide in case you find it difficult/tedious to come up with thread color combinations that blend together well.

For pattern designers

These palettes can help you create beautiful and harmonious embroidery designs for the festive season. Just create your beautiful linework, and try out different color combinations from this selection to see which works best with your design. Or even better, sell multiple versions of a single pattern design, with different color palettes chosen from this Booklet.

For Autumn crafters & DIYers

Each palette page lists both HEX and RGB codes for each of the six colors used, making it easy for you to use them in various craft or design projects. If you own a digital coloring book, this Booklet will give you exactly 36 different variations on coloring each of those pages.

I have just received this item and have been absolutely blown away with the help and advice it contains. The options it gives for colour choices is amazing and will be so helpful for any future projects and for some ongoing ones. I can’t thank you enough.
Emily, United Kingdom

What You Will Find Inside

Each palette consists of six assorted colors that either complement or contrast each other. A palette page is divided into two sections: A Color Code Reference (1) and a Thread Code Reference (2).

The Color Code Reference section gives you the HEX and RGB codes of each individual color, so you can apply these during your digital coloring adventures and other Summer craft projects.

The Thread Code Reference provides you with three key pieces of information:

  • The DMC six strand embroidery thread shade code (art.117) and image
  • The Anchor Stranded cotton thread shade code (art.4635000) and image
  • The DMC tapestry wool code (art.486) and image – for more bulky, Bargello type embroidery

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Take your Autumn embroidery designs to the next level with this colorful booklet of 36 bright and breezy embroidery color palettes!

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Customer Review By Mary C.

Lovely color palettes, as always - and perfect for design inspiration! The download was easy as pie. Thank you!

Mary C., needlenthread.com

Customer Review By El M.

I can’t say enough about these stunning stitch palettes! I have recommended your site to all my stitchy friends and they in turn have done the same. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you have and will continue to give to your site. A boon for stitchers!!!!

El M., Australia

Customer Review By Vicki P.

Until Janet Perry told me about your site, I didn't know it existed. What a great idea! I'm getting started on both a Halloween and a Thanksgiving needlepoint and your Autumn Tones booklet is perfect! It's a huge improvement over scrounging through colors to get just the right match. Thank you!

Vicki P., United States

Customer Review By Rebecca B.

As someone who is returning to needlework after a 25 year hiatus, I love the Stitch Palettes booklets and website. I'm also a jewelry maker and find the color combinations very helpful when imagining new combinations of colors. You can use the palettes as a starting place for a whole new piece OR identify one color that you want to use and decide what goes with it. The Autumn Palette booklet brings a whole new perspective on colors for Autumn. It's not just orange, green and brown!

Rebecca B., United States

Customer Review By Emily P.

I have just received this item and have been absolutely blown away with the help and advice it contains. The options it gives for colour choices is amazing and will be so helpful for any future projects and for some ongoing ones. I can't thank you enough.

Emily P., United Kingdom

Customer Review By Lori W.

I love this autumn stitch palette booklet. The combinations are gorgeous. I am new to picking my own thread combinations and this is amazingly helpful. I find the inspiration within easily helpful in other crafts as well. I plan on also referring to it when choosing paper and ink colors when card making. Thank you for creating such a wonderful reference.

Lori W., Canada

Customer Review By Wendy W.

I enjoy all the stitch palette booklets, but I have to say autumn is my favourite season so this one is a personal favourite. The booklets are a great resource for picking thread colours for stitching projects - I'm involved in a number of projects where you pick your own colours, so Stitch Palettes is my first stop. I can't imagine the work that goes into creating these, but I am very appreciative!

Wendy W., Canada

Customer Review By Sharon K.

I bought this autumn colors booklet a couple of days ago. It is so useful as an embroidery thread selection tool and it is also very beautiful! Just looking through it inspires me! Love that I can print it or just view it on my monitor. This is well worth the small amount and will be of help to artists and craftsmen of many types.

Sharon K., United States

Customer Review By Lidia M.

Incredibly beautiful and perfectly combined palettes, I use them in my cross stitch embroideries and to design patterns for crochet and knitting, they've worked very well. BEST WISHES

Lidia M., Chile

Customer Review By Elizabeth A.

Like all the Stitch Palettes booklets and information it is well designed and presented. Ideal for the beginner or the experienced embroiderer.

Elizabeth A., United Kingdom

Customer Review By Maryann A.

I’m really excited to receive this my first palette. I have seen nothing like this before. To be given such a resource all in one place - the colours put together in a picture (not just colour bars on a piece of paper), identifying numbers for silks and wools...... Now I have a new problem - which palette to choose in order to start some free embroidery! Thank you.

Maryann A., Australia

Customer Review By Irene K.

I absolutely love the palette booklets. It takes the guess work out of trying to figure out what colours go with what. Also I don’t even have to look for the thread number as it is provided. The added touch of photography using these colours is wonderful. You can see how these colours go together.

Irene K., Canada

Customer Review By Margaret W.

This is a wonderful resource for everyone, but especially if you live in the tropics and still hanker for the autumn colours of your childhood home. Beautiful collection of colour palettes to stir the creativity!

Margaret W., Australia

Customer Review By Jane S.

I have just downloaded this beautifully laid out resource. It is just what I have been looking for to individualise projects. Having only perused it so far, I can see that the creative possibilities with it are endless. Thank you!

Jane S., Australia

Customer Review By Joyce K.

I love the Autumn Stitch Palette Notebook! The palettes are exquisite and easy to use for upcoming needlepoint projects. It makes me feel warm and cozy just looking at it! A great resource for any person into crafting that requires color selection!

Joyce K., United States

Customer Review By Jessiann O.

This is the first Palette collection I've bought from Stitch Palettes and I'm so pleased with it. The whole file is clickable and the colours are fantastic.

Jessiann O., Canada

Customer Review By Susan O.

Such beautiful palettes! I love the colors you've chosen for this collection. Your website is a big help to me now that I'm getting back into stitching. Thank you!

Susan O., United States

Customer Review By Nathalie V.

I just bought the autumn catalog and it is a real pleasure to browse through it. Very beautiful color combinations.

Nathalie V., France

Customer Review By Catherine G.

As expected, the autumn booklet is just lovely! It's hard to choose from so many beautiful palettes. Thank you ❤

Catherine G., Canada

Customer Review By Jayne S.

I know I will find these palettes very useful in choosing colors for new projects.

Jayne S., United States

Customer Review By Beryl B.

Love the quality of the colours chosen for each photo

Beryl B., Canada

Customer Review By Cathy Y.

The Autumn Catalog is so well curated. I have been using it in Photoshop to select colors and it is so handy. I open the pdf in Photoshop then select the palette I want then use the eye dropper to select the color. I will also be using it in my embroidery work (I'm a beginner).

Cathy Y., United States